55th Annual Aurora Art Show and Sale


For only a week, Colt had the exceptional opportunity to work with Linda Welch, the President of SOYRA (The Society of York Region Arts), during their 55th annual art show. If it weren’t for the various volunteers such as Colt working with SOYRA – or any art community for that matter – these art shows wouldn’t exist. By shadowing Linda, Colt was exposed to various aspects of running such a large-scale show, one that hosted over 100 artists and over 300 art pieces.

On the first day, Colt sat at the admittance table where all the artists had to submit their paper work and be signed into the show. Directly after that, he had to inspect their work for any technical errors, such as: improper framing, loose/non-existing wires, taped wires, tags, and overall maintenance of the framing structure.

That night, Colt was privileged to work alongside Roger Murray, the judge for this show. Together, Roger and Colt went through five categories (Acrylic, Oil, Photography, Mixed Media, and Water Colour) and juried the work. They had to make a large number of eliminations due to show size, and had to pick one winner and two honourable mentions for each category.

The next day, Colt and all the other volunteers were in charge of setting up and curating the show. There was another category set for youth, and Colt was fortunate to play a large role in curating the foundation of that room. Later in the day, Colt also curated the majority of the watercolour displays, and overall assist in the rest of the show set up.

Colt is thankful for Linda allowing him to be apart of their show, and providing him with such an in depth experience in coordinating and executing an event at such a large scale. 

Photos by: Colt Nicastro

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