IC Contemporary (ICC) is an online contemporary art gallery that focuses on supporting emerging talent and showcasing accessible forms of art to everyone. Through initiatives like fully developed exhibitions and monthly artist highlights, ICC welcomes artists to be exhibited on various platforms that can be viewed for free from all devices. Artists from all stages of their careers are welcome to apply to our open calls, however priority is given to emerging* artists.


We recognize that there are many socio-economic barriers that prevent emerging artists to showcase their work, so with that in mind ICC accepts submissions on a pay-what-you-can basis. Artists can apply free of charge and can expect to retain 100% of the sales they make during their time with ICC as we do not collect commission. If artists wish to donate a small portion of their sales to support future artists they are more than welcome, however this is a space not made for financial profit but artistic enrichment. For those who wish to pay an application fee or donate, please know your contributions help cover our development, administration and artist fees. (If you’d like to donate, you can do so here)


Alongside hosting fine artists, ICC develops programming that community members can join free of charge. We host artist talks with our exhibited artists and develop short, beginner-friendly lesson plans for our viewers to watch and follow at their own pace. ICC hopes to not only provide a space for artists to be seen, but also for artists to grow. You can stay informed on all exhibitions, artist talks, and other programming by signing up to our website blog or following us on social media. 


*ICC does not define an emerging artist based on their age or length of artistic practice. We aim to provide experiences to artists who are emerging into the exhibition realm of the art community and have little professional exhibition history.


Ignazio Colt Nicastro is the founding curator of ICC and a multidisciplinary artist. He is a graduate from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts, with double majors in Fine Art & Art History and Communication, Culture, Information and Technology. 

Nicastro has been building on his curatorial experience ever since he completed his undergrad. With a few opportunities in the curatorial realm, like working alongside the Society of York Region Artists, Nicastro took the necessary steps that led him to the launch of the Emerging Artists Exhibition in 2019. Over the past year, Nicastro has evolved the brand which officially became I.C. Contemporary in March 2020.

His fine art portfolio (which can be found here) mostly consists of a series of space prints, all intimate in size but vast in layers. This exemplifies his desire to push the boundaries of fine art, not by attempting to create realistic images but something that stands out from other pieces of work. His silkscreens range from four to thirty layers and consist of vibrant colours and shapes that draw viewers in for a closer examination of the work.

His sculptural series addresses the different psychological ideologies of Queer Identities. More information on this show can be found here.

When Nicastro isn’t spending his time on his emerging art career, he is working on his debut fantasy series: The Trials of Salahan and another novel in the making, The Clearing. Release dates coming soon.


Apurva Sharma (she/her) is joining I. C. Contemporary as our new Content Manager. As an admirer of contemporary art and a women's rights advocate, Sharma is passionate about making art spaces more accessible and inclusive to marginalized communities. With diverse work experience in both private and public sectors, Sharma recognizes the need for more inclusive and diverse spaces that foster collaborative work opportunities, recreation, and community support. 


After the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately exacerbated high rates of unemployment for minority groups, Sharma became determined to bridge this disconnect by making professional opportunities more accessible to those in need. With that, Sharma launched her own career coaching business, Apu Designs, in 2020. Through this platform she provides affordable resume editing services, job search advice, and career coaching. She hopes to achieve similar accomplishments at I.C.C. by connecting new talent to opportunities within art spaces.


Sharma graduated from Ryerson University with an honours degree in Sociology, and recently earned a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from Sheridan College. She is hoping to acquire her Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation in 2021. 


At I.C.C., Sharma ensures all gallery content is error-free. utilizes inclusive language, and aligns with the gallery's mandate. Sharma looks forward to facilitating sustainable change both within and outside the I.C.C. community.




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