I. C. Contemporary is a volunteer-run curatorial institution that prides in its focus on supporting local and emerging talent. We have no costs associated with art applications to eliminate the economic barriers that artists face in launching their careers. 

Your donations help build the future for emerging artists!

A Charitable Tax receipt can not be provided as we are not a registered charity. 

Where does your

donation go?

Any and all donations help cover our administration fees and contribute to artist honorariums. 

Part of CARFAC's mandate is to advocate and defend the rights that all artists within Canada have, one of the most important ones being: Has the artist been paid? This is something that we at ICC wish to fight for as we do not support the exploitation of artists. However, as a self-run space we rely heavily on your donations to ensure that the artists can be paid for their work. 

Additionally, your donations help cover any of the fees associated with facilitating applications, developing and maintaining the website, or running our social media marketing which is our largest form of artist outreach. 

Please consider one of the following amounts for your donation:
$5  $10  $25  $50

Artist Testimonies


"Showcasing with I. C. Contemporary was a wonderful experience. I had the honour of being one of the artist to showcase their work in the Kerr Street Cafe Emerging Artist Exhibit, curated by Ignazio Colt Nicastro. Through this show, a few of my pieces were sold within days, and more as the weeks went by. Ignazio is an incredibly dedicated curator who will make sure the art and the artist get noticed. He puts so much work into making every showcase unique and true to the artist."


"I exhibited with I. C. Contemporary as the first show they curated with Kerr Street Café’s Emerging Artist Exhibit. As an emerging artist with not a large CV I was able to get exhibition experience, sell a some of work, and have my work seen by a large community in a busy café. I.C Contemporary allowed me to experiment with the space and install my sculptural pieces, screen prints and etchings. Working with I.C Contemporary was an amazing opportunity and watching it grow as a platform has been so exciting, I can’t wait to see what they do next!"

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