While applying and expanding on his own art career, Ignazio realized there was a huge barrier between emerging artists and getting accepted into exhibitions. Though the acceptance to be exhibited in a public gallery relies on the artists talent, the application often comes with a fee that doesn't guarantee a spot in the show. Ignazio recognizes that he is privileged enough to apply and be exhibited, however, not all emerging artists can afford this opportunity, limiting their exposure while trying to keep up with some of the sky-rocketing commission rates.

Though this isn't the case for all artists and exhibitions, Ignazio wanted to create an opportunity where emerging artists were at the forefront of exhibition potential, while eliminating the application fee and commission on their work. To make this happen, Ignazio drafted a proposal and pitched the concept to his Café management, who were happily onboard with the idea.

Ignazio's vision has now launched the Emerging Artists Exhibition at Kerr Street Café, where new artists will be featured in this contemporary café. With over hundreds of visitors daily, their work is not only getting immense exposure but the show also has a high rate of selling showcased work. The exhibition focuses on artists with little to no exhibition history, allowing new artists to build up a reputation in the art community. 

Ignazio reviews every application sent in, selecting artists who display a level of skill and have developed a core theory to their work that is appropriate for exhibitions. He coordinates the artists exhibition time and conducts the installation himself, sometimes with an assistant.