Paper Cut

With a distinct style of paper cuts, Fong Ki Wan explores abstract forms of the experiences the world around us can offer. Her interest falls on different moments that can be found in everyday life, whether they be her own or from strangers. She focuses on these experiences and develops her own interpretation of how they may feel. She then narrows those thoughts into specific shapes and forms that she hand cuts from the thin paper. 

Wan starts her work with two thin layers of paper, allowing her to create one side of her designs. She then flips the top layer over, creating a mirrored image. This process provides an unexpected and unplanned final product, one that now prevents Wan from creating a solid interpretation of the work she is creating.

With her art, Wan creates a conversation depicted by particular feelings or experiences. Due to the unplanned nature of Wan’s paper cuts, the work becomes extremely abstracted and open to interpretation from all viewers. Wan’s intention with this method is to allow the meanings and themes of her to work to change along with the individuals who views them.