Wire Sculptor and Print Maker

Hannah Veiga is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist residing in Oakville, Ontario. She works in various artistic methods but is primarily drawn to the process-based mediums of screen printing and sculpture with wire and textiles. 

Through her variation of intimate and large scale prints, she ponders the cycles of comfort, nostalgia, and stored memories. Her floral prints access the shared experience that can be felt differently amongst separate minds, and explores the elements of colour and design in domestic spaces that can act dually as triggers.

Her copper plate etchings examine a series of idioms that focus on the relationship between human consciousness and decision making. With illustrations of bi-pedal beasts (birds), Hannah showcases how people often say that they’re acting first with their feet first rather than their heads. She then asks: Is the ability to use our feet more important than using our minds?

Other approaches in her practice, such as the copper sculptures, study the relationship between the natural world and the industrial, implementing materials of copper and steel into botanical or fungal forms. These sculptures insinuate life in odd places, challenging the border of utopia and dystopia.