Connextions Public Art - Augmented Reality 

An Echo of Oakville is a multi-disciplinary installation that includes both physical and digital elements. The sculpture made from mirror shards fosters a space of self-reflection, compelling viewers to think more deeply about themselves and the spaces that surround them, specifically Oakville.

On this webpage you will find one of the two additional AR sculptures that flank the tennis courts at Glen Abbey. These pieces acknowledge some of different parts of Oakville's history that may be forgotten or not recognized. 

This was done with assistance from Luigi Cody Nicastro and Matthew Davies


How to Access the Augmented Reality Sculpture


  1. Download ‘SketchFab’ to your phone

  2. Search user: Nghtwlk

  3. Open the ‘Oakville Lighthouse’ Model

  4. Tap the cube on the top right of your screen

  5. Place the Object by taping on the field ahead of you

Oakville Lighthouse

While engaging with Oakville residents about what best represented Oakville, a majority of them wished to see the Oak Leaf, Lake Ontario, and the renowned Lighthouse that sits on our beautiful water along Lakeshore. This space to me, like many others it seems, is a special part of Oakville that most of us can say we’ve visited. Many weekend afternoon strolls, or post evening serving shifts on Lakeshore have led me to visiting this Lighthouse with friends and family alike. It’s a space in Oakville that fosters community and speaks to the ideals of what Oakville embodies.


In this digital rendition, I tried not to get consumed with capturing every small detail of the Lighthouse but rather the simplistic form it represents. Typically, in my practice I’ve gotten too carried away with small details and trying to capture realism, so by painting in virtual reality I’ve allowed myself to be looser and fun with my brushstrokes.


It was also important to me that this rendition of the Lighthouse still had the historic red base that I grew up with. As the current Lighthouse has received a remodeling, this digital sculpture aims to capture the historic version of the Lighthouse we all knew and loved.

If you cannot access the sculpture, you can watch the video below