Out of This World

Silk Screen and Digital Manipulation 


Out of This World is a vibrant study on the marvel and the sublime of what forms and energies exist beyond the galaxy we live in today. With this series, Colt hopes to explore the various forms of life – whether they are in the stages too early or too late to sustain flora, fauna, or micro-bacteria habitats – that are consistently expanding the infinite bounds of the universe.

Though the works don’t depict real existing planets or nebulas, it is more so the process of the nebular theory that Colt wishes to survey. With a mere speak of dirt or dust, the collective energies of gravity can create or destroy life around us. 

The works invite viewers to be encaptivated by their vibrant colours and shifting forms, while inducing a feeling of comfort or discomfort. Does the realization of knowing how insignificant earth may be in the grand scheme of the cosmic space make you anxious? Or is that by knowing more life may exist beyond our atmosphere you feel content, even excitement, for what our technological advancements may bring us? For Colt, it is the spectacle these forms take shape that provides him ease, but he knows this isn’t the case for everyone.


This piece itself contains over 120 layers of silkscreen inks, all compiled on their on sheets of paper, that all originated from digital paintings. Gathering all of these pieces together on one large of black paper was not attainable for Colt at the time, therefore the digital manipulation allowed colt to scan all of his works and merge them together onto one piece. Minor details of the colour stars are added in the back through digital manipulation as well.

Below you find singular prints as well as the original digital paintings with a sneak peek of future prints to come.

Out of This World - Digital

© 2019 by Colt Nicastro

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