A Digital Experience

Updated: May 30, 2020

With the evolving circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, artists and exhibitors alike are suffering from a dramatic loss of engagement with their work. Art Galleries are closing to the public and artists who have just installed their shows (or plan to within the following months) are losing exhibition experience in the physical realm. This has pushed for a cultural shift; to transition and adapt the art industry into a digital experience. 

Though we cannot guarantee that everyone at home has equal access to internet services, creating digital platforms has become the most effective way to showcase and support fellow artists and art institutions. 

To do my part of providing accessible options for fine art engagement, I have partnered with Luigi Cody Nicastro, a virtual reality developer, to recreate the current exhibit hosted at Kerr Street Cafe. A playable version of this digital gallery can be found here. There you can also watch my full interview with Nicole Helena paired with a recorded walkthrough of the digital exhibition.

It is important to note that these projects are not limited to those at home during times as trying as these, but they also create accessible platforms for those who cannot leave their home on a regular basis. It is important that as innovators of the future that we continue to create equal access to all forms of arts and cultures.

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