Welcoming of September's Artist of the Month

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Welcome to the beginning of I. C. Contemporary’s first Artist of the Month. We are beyond pleased to launch this new monthly initiative to support our emerging artist’s locally and around the globe. To get things started, we would like to introduce you to Alia Goess Peoples, who is joining us from The United Arab Emirates.

Peoples is a self-trained abstract painter and digital designer born and raised within Saudi Arabia from an African American father and Austrian mother. Her paintings capture vibrant aspects of nature, landscapes and all that Mother Earth has to offer. She aims to highlight the importance behind preserving our earths beauty to encourage future generations to get more involved in large scale issues, such as global warming and its devastating effects on the planet and its life forms.

As an activist, she sheds light on injustices occurring globally, but largely within the black community through her digital art, urging others to support the community by either becoming ally’s, or even just continuing to have meaningful, yet somewhat uncomfortable, discussions regarding race, social injustice, inequality, privilege, or police brutality. Peoples’ goal is to create awareness through subtle yet powerful digital designs, allowing her viewers to question themselves while feeling open to expressing their personal opinions or experiences.

Keep your eye out for Peoples’ work as we share it throughout the remainder of this month on our social media channels. You can also check out her instagram here.

If you think you know who our next artist of the month should be, shoot us a message or feel free to share the application form found at the bottom of the home page.

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