Updated: Jun 12, 2020

This current call is for the group exhibition Queer Identities.

The application can be found here or at the bottom of our home page.

Queer Identities is a survey on the subliminal thought processes many members of the LGBTQIA+ community endure while living in a world that revolves around heteronormativity. It mainly focuses on queer experiences of minority stress and the repercussions of the innate pressure for them to follow feminine and masculine norms.

This show provides a space for Queer Artists to interpret their own experiences on being Queer and how they choose to identify themselves, developing these thoughts into physical manifestations through any preferred medium. Humanoid and abstract forms react and interact with the mental health distress that is a direct result from a lack of queer support and representation. These shifting forms will not only record the transgression of the staggering effects anti-queer ideologies have had throughout time but also how they continue to evolve today.

But Queer Identity shouldn’t only be about highlighting its struggles but also its triumphs. This exhibit is seeking work that brings to light how fulfilling our Queer Identities can become—if we are in a space where we feel safe enough to express that true self. The very essence of the work presented in Queer Identities is meant to open the discussion on how it feels to be Queer. It illustrates how great the LGBTQIA+ community can be, despite all our of hardships.

This exhibit is open to all mediums with specifications outlined in the application and the work does not have to be new. If you would like to submit to this call, please consider leaving a donation prior to filling out your application form by clicking the DONATE button at the bottom of the home page and using PayPal, addressing it to

Any additional proceeds from this show will be donated to The 519 and Black Visions Collective.

With our pay what you can application process, we ensure that it is affordable to apply for art exhibitions while also providing an opportunity to pay all exhibiting artists for their work.

Good to luck to all submissions, we look forward to reviewing your work.

Please share this call with anyone who you feel would excel in an exhibit like this!

Designed by Amy Cannon

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