Guest Review for Somnarium

Somnarium, just like all of our exhibitions, are free to access and available at any given time. Given this flexible and isolated experience, we don’t always get to greet our visitors personally or talk to them about their time in the gallery space, but sometimes we are privileged enough to receive your messages about your experiences in our galleries.

Last week we were thrilled to have Elly Heise, the featured artist behind Looking Back, visit Somnarium and give us a full breakdown of her time in the exhibition. She started off by

saying “I am absolutely in love with this exhibition and everything you and Veronica have done here.” As Elly explored the two floors of artwork, she picked up very quickly what this show is really about:

“There’s an exploration of the interconnectedness between humans/ecosystems. Both the art and layout seem to consider everything, like even the smallest aspects are intentional, such as the show being divided into four biomes, this number makes me think of sacred geometry. Or the railings being made of trees, or the fact that the birds are upstairs and the bones/roots are down in the caves. This show just blows my mind in so many ways!”

What I loved the most about working with Elly was her critical eye and fluid mind to dissect and examine the memory / identity / spatial awareness concepts within her own practice. Having Elly apply those same ideologies here to Somnarium is quite special. Elly went on to say:

“[Veronica] talks about "dream logic" and how these traditionally set/strict things we govern our lives by (physics, time, biology) have an ability to function differently (yet still in a practical way) via dreams. The exploration of this comes across both in the artwork and the strange feeling you get exploring it, you get a feeling that time and biology works differently here.

This blending of artificial and natural space is just unreal! What an amazing collaborative effort, the results show. I feel my whole body just longing to inhabit this space, but even in digital format alone it is still so transformative.”

This show is not only about exhibiting Veronica’s artwork and theory, but also about crafting a space that would immerse the viewers into the world that her illustrations create. As Elly has evidently told us, Somnarium seamlessly introduces visitors into a new world of art that combines both art and theory into a fully immersive experience. Be sure to check out Veronica Parks work and to let us know what you think!

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