Intersection - A Digital Queer Art Exhibition

IC Contemporary's fifth digital exhibition: Intersection is finally here! This year's line up for our annual Queer Identities exhibition features: Jem Woolidge, Alkarim Jadavji, Jessica, Sallay-Carrington, Jay Davies, Jared Olsever, and Diedrick Brackens.

As an extension of ICC's annual Queer Identities exhibition, Intersection brings together six Queer multidisciplinary artists who use their practice to explore the lived experiences of 2SLGBTQIA+ people. In a community rich in triumphant and onerous experiences, there is a wealth of art that aims to combat or go beyond binary hegemonic representations of gender roles and/or sexual identity.

This show provides a space for Queer artists to interpret their own intersectional identities and Queer experiences, manifesting them into something tangible for the world to see.

A guided tour of the space is linked in our bio for all mobile users, but you can also download this gallery experience to your computer! Downloading the gallery will provide the best experience of this vast exhibition.

Intersection will also be available on VR through @sidequestvr

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