Looking Back by Elly Heise

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

With another weekend of lockdown, the timing of our newest exhibition will provide you with a rich experience from the comfort of your home. As subscribers to this blog, you get early access to the surrealist mind of Elly Heise and her newest solo exhibition with I.C. Contemporary: Looking Back. Immerse yourself into the wonder of Heise's memories and imagination that are paired with an original soundscape by Matthew Davies.

This show is split into four realms of Heise's photographic practise: Paradise Island, Subliminal, Homebound, and Mein Schatz & Kin. The four spaces dip and dive from one another, taking turns exploring the chambers of her mind and family lineage. Heise's practise also separates itself from memory entanglement and encompasses themes of space exploration. It hones in on the physical realms around us and our attempts to understand how they potentially affect one another.

As you explore the tunnels of Heise's mind, consider your own memories and the spaces around you. How do you occupy those spaces? And how do they occupy your mind? Despite the control we think we have, we cannot always retain our memories so we stitch them together - subconsciously - with figments of our imagination. This digital experience will place you into a hypnotic realm to conduct a spatial analysis within your head and the world around it.

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