October's Artist of the Month - Joss Monzon

We're about 3 weeks into October and I have been loving the time working with this month's featured artist: Joss Monzon. I’ve been following Monzon’s practise for some time now, being allured by his dark charcoal drawings and paintings. It’s truly an honour to showcase this Hamilton based artist and I hope you feel the strong presence of his work just as I do.

Monzon has been immersed in visual arts since he was a child. Between drawing and painting since the age of 7, Monzon also lived in a home that was filled with original paintings, sculptures, and fine art books, which fueled his creative endeavours. 

His practice has developed over the years but consistently remained within the realm of painting and drawing. Monzon’s work has always been expressive and aims to convey the pain and sorrow he has felt while witnessing the hardships of so many people around the world as a result of war, poverty, or wrongful persecution. He recognizes that he, and some of his viewers, have privilege that allows them to be exempt from these experiences, but they shouldn’t go ignored. 

Rather than recreating these experiences directly, Monzon aims to reproduce the feelings of these dark moments. This act of recreation intends to remind those of us in comfortable positions of privilege that there is suffering outside of our own lives – sometimes much closer to home than we would think. 

Monzon has been rather successful in his fine art career, with one of his works being owned by Lila Lewis Irving – an abstract expressionist from New York. Others who have viewed his work have gone on to say that Monzon’s art illustrates the aforementioned sentiments of the world through his eyes.

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