Queer Identities is live!

After several weeks of learning how to develop on unity and working alongside these wonderful artists, I can proudly announce that our newest exhibition 'Queer Identities' is now LIVE.

This exhibit truly is a wonderful immersive experience - whether that be through the pre-recorded tour that's available for your phone or the downloaded version for your Mac or PC (all found here). Between the film, photography, painting, or poetry, I really hope you find a piece that resonates with you, as I know I've come to love them all so dearly.

Additionally, I.C. Contemporary is accepting donations for this show to not only support our exhibited artists but to also make a charitable contribution to both The 519 and The Black Visions Collective. A contribution of any size would be greatly appreciated as both institutions could use the financial support to benefit their programs. You can find more information about our donation process here.

Please enjoy the show and be sure to send us your thoughts on the exhibit through our feedback forms or by email - the artists would love to hear what you think.

- I.C. Nicastro

Queer Identities installation shot featuring Joslyn Panasiuk and Devin Wesley

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