Veronica Park

On average, we spend about two hours a night within our dream worlds, only to lose the memory of those spaces within seconds after waking up. In the Somnarium (from the Latin somnium – a dream – and terrarium), Veronica Park presents a terrarium of dreams, where the inhabitants are uncanny specters that cannot exist in everyday reality.     


The Somnarium is an ethereal home to four biomes, each reflecting complexities of biology and the human psyche. Dreaming allows us to tap into our subconscious mind, exposing us to new ideas beyond our waking comprehension. Through surreal illustrations of nature, Park exhibits the whimsical creations within her subconscious by combining everyday flora and fauna to craft evolved hybrids. These new forms of life explore the interconnections of life across biology and time, and reminds us how the emotion and absurdity of the subconscious can be a vehicle for creative thinking.

Soundscape by Matthew Davies with sounds from (full list here)

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Veronica Park

Veronica Park is an illustrator, graphic designer and artist from Toronto, primarily known for her intricately detailed illustrations of living things. Her signature style blends traditional and digital mediums, combining hand-painted textures and traditional techniques in a digital space. In her personal work, Park often combines nature imagery in surreal and surprising ways, drawing whimsical connections between different forms of life, as well as exploring relationships and emotion. Heavily inspired by dreams, Veronica’s work possesses an ethereal quality, rich in texture and detail.


Veronica earned an honours BDES in Graphic Design from OCAD University in 2014, and worked in the advertising industry for a few years before pursuing illustration. She is currently an in-house illustrator and designer at Moneytalk, TD's online publication for financial news and lifestyle content, and she freelances for clients in editorial and commercial fields.

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