Travelling for work was what pushed Czyzo to fall in love with photography. In 2015, a few years after she completed her masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Toronto, she headed to work in Australia for twelve months. Being so close to New Zealand, Czyzo needed time to explore the Land of the Long White Cloud, better known by its indigenous name: Aotearoa. There she spent another eighteen months, living and travelling with fellow photographers who guided her into the professional realm of travel photography. 

As she returned to her home here in Toronto, Czyzo yearned for more photography expeditions – particularly those residing outdoors. She was able to find more opportunities with Photographers without Borders, where she traveled to Rwanda in 2019 to build on her skillset as an emerging Photo Journalist. When not travelling abroad, Czyzo often finds herself outdoors on hiking trails in Hamilton or along watersides in the GTA. 

Exhibited is Czyzo’s travel photography of her time spent in New Zealand. Though a small country by scale, the biodiversity throughout the two main islands covers a wide spectrum of natural beauty. From the tropical-like beaches of the far north, to the volcanic mountains centrally, to the waterfall-ridden rainforests of the south, there is no shortage of varied and stunning scenery captured by Czyzo.

Kia Ora to our exhibition visitors.